At BronzeMarkets we are devoted to providing the very best in trading technology to our clients. This is why we are satisfied to use the award winning MT5 (MetaTrader 5).

The MT5 can be effortlessly installed on any computer and gives you access to all our trading assets. The MT5 platform also gives our traders over 50 charting tools and built-in indicators to choose from. Trades can be performed manually or automatically.

Benefits of MT5 Platform:

Intuitive trading interface

Enormous range of customizable features

One click trading options

Real time charting and analysis tools

Support for self-developed trading algorithms and Expert Advisors (EAs)

Key Features of the BronzeMarkets MT 5 Platform:

Trading Forex, commodities and indices from one single platform

The capacity to place limit and stop levels from one (1) pip on all the Forex major pairs

Able to set stop losses and take profit while opening another trade simultaneously

Option to trade mini lots, also called 0.01 lots. This provides you with the capability of trading more precise lot s. In return, your risk management is more manageable

Our platform offers anonymous FX trading. Providers do not have the ability to see your stop loss or incomplete trader orders

There are no trading conflicts between the client and the broker

There are no trading limitations

The MT5 interface is fully customizable and provides you with the ability to monitor your investments with correctness and the unique ability to make timely trades.

Trade with ease on your MT5 platform with BronzeMarkets.
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